Saturday, December 13, 2008

l e g o . m y . i n g o

designed by frans nieuwenborg for ingo maurer, delight is simply delightful! a soft romantic glow perfect for the bedroom. wall mounted with glass infused heat resistant fabric it simply drapes off a hook softly hiding the bulb inside. i decided to purchase one today as my bedside lamp since i wanted something super soft that gave just enough glow to flip through a design mag and drift off to sleep. this light is as much an art piece as it is a functioning light and if you ask me everyone should own a little piece of ingo mauer.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

v a n c o u v e r . s p e c i a l

A new store worth checking out in vancity known as Vancouver Speical is just around the corner. Described below by local bloggers S&H and also featured in the Jan.09 issue of canadian House & Home magazine. I will be sure to drop in my next visit to Main Street and post an image then...

"Eero Saarinen, Yoshitomo Nara, and Endo met on a table. Folded into tight piles they stole sideways glances across the pottery and camo dishtowels. Eero eyed an apron, Nara eyed Endo, and together they elbowed their way into the spotlight display at Vancouver Special, Main Street’s newest art and design store. Jeff Wall’s massive hard cover coffee table read occasionally got jealous of the attention, but a few gentle finger strokes along the spine was enough to sooth the green monster envy.

Full of gadgets, gidgets, books and furniture, the business opened Saturday to share a myriad of creative comforts with mankind.

Owned by UBC Architecture grad Anne Pearson, the store is a breezy tribute to all things modern and cool. Function being their primary objective, it’s entirely possible to leave armed with an unusual radio, Danish-designed couch, or a slinky, if that’s what you’re after. “We’re definitely going for a clean, fresh, contemporary esthetic,” said Pearson, whose wide-eyed girl-next-door effusiveness belies a sharp instinct for design. “It’s all affordable, we really feel that good design doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

The location, which was previously occupied by an acupuncturist, drew all of Pearson’s architectural talents to renovate. What was 10 rooms is now one high ceilinged, light drenched showroom, with a loft adding extra floor space for the stock.

“I really liked that Main Street has a lot of independent retailers, it’s a good neighbourhood to land in,” continued Pearson. “And I’m really proud of the fact that all of our products are high quality.”

Quality, sure, but it’s the price tag that will draw the art hermits. Most of the small, portable items won’t ring out the credit card, so whether shopping for oneself or another, it’s a fair bet that you’ll walk away feeling sneakily proud of your thriftiness.

No method could be called into the madness of retail options available. It ranges from pottery by Vancouver artist Gailan Ngan (referred to as “our Gailan” by Betty Anne and her mother, Betty Anne) to Lotta Jansdotter bags, smokin’ Tivoli music players, Numark record players, Hay carpets, Sagaform juicers, ottomans, and even a portable space age $40 BBQ to knock the socks off any seasoned Spanish Banks summer dweller.

They also carry towel bars, cards, and a wide range of Japanese kitchen gear. Their couches are modular, thus easily adaptable to small or large places. Essentially, it’s like going to Ikea in terms of product range, but no one is going to have anything you come home with." -S.H.

3612 Main Street
Vancouver, BC

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

m y . e a m e s

i think that everyone who is interested in design should own at least one mid-century modern piece. an iconic piece. an original work. a little decadent piece of history.

for me it the eames rocker by charles & rey eames. this is the perfect addition to any home for 2 reasons; first its a classic that you will never get tired of weather you sit in it or not and second its price point is affordable for any level of collector or design savvy student.

this will be my first purchase of an original mid-century design. now all i need to figure out is what color to get! im leaning towards white or a classic like pale yellow... any thoughts.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

a . l i t t l e . s o m e t h i n g

im a lover of the plain white wall so what better way to add a touch of creativity then with a wall decal. these lovebirds are the prefect little addition to this dining space. simple, original and just enough art to keep your eye interested but not overwhelmed. this and other wall decals can be found at

lately i have been dreaming of the day when i get to move out into my own place again and take full control of the design. i already have my sofa picked out at inform interiors along with my vision for the entire living room and hopes for a fabulous office space.

one can dream from beneath the odds and ends of their parents basement right?
so to all of you who do own your own apartment and are wanting to add something to your wall that is not a painting check out this site!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

s t o c k i n g . s t u f f e r s

its never to early to start thinking about artsy originals to fill those stockings this christmas season. my sister has always been the most creative in our family when it came to stocking stuffers. this year i have decided to start early and track down fun little gifts perfect for the stocking and for those girl friends of mine who deserve a little something special this festive season. this sweet little pouch is designed by thomaspaul and can be found online at 2modern for $20. if you are a vancouver.ite like me may i suggest the gift shop at the VAG for great little gift ideas like printed shopping bags, fridge magnets and fabulous gift cards. happy shopping everyone!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

o . s o . p r e t t y

its not exactly patio season but these darling little chairs are just too sweet to pass up. designed by patricia urquiola for the italian manufacturer emu this outdoor collection is hard to miss in brightly painted red, yellow, teal, pink and white. chairs and planters crafted in the perfect size for your downtown apartment patio or if you are so lucky as to own a small patch of grass how lovely these would look among the flowers. kinda makes me wish inform carried the line so i could take some home with me!