Wednesday, October 29, 2008

m y . e a m e s

i think that everyone who is interested in design should own at least one mid-century modern piece. an iconic piece. an original work. a little decadent piece of history.

for me it the eames rocker by charles & rey eames. this is the perfect addition to any home for 2 reasons; first its a classic that you will never get tired of weather you sit in it or not and second its price point is affordable for any level of collector or design savvy student.

this will be my first purchase of an original mid-century design. now all i need to figure out is what color to get! im leaning towards white or a classic like pale yellow... any thoughts.


Robin said...

I think it's a great idea to bring something classic back into the future!

Go with the red, I say. But any color you like is good then again. :)

jawcey said...

wow - you've been updating! I didn't realize...I like the idea of the yellow one :)

pretty little things said...

i ordered a lime one! cant wait to get it :)