Sunday, October 26, 2008

s t o c k i n g . s t u f f e r s

its never to early to start thinking about artsy originals to fill those stockings this christmas season. my sister has always been the most creative in our family when it came to stocking stuffers. this year i have decided to start early and track down fun little gifts perfect for the stocking and for those girl friends of mine who deserve a little something special this festive season. this sweet little pouch is designed by thomaspaul and can be found online at 2modern for $20. if you are a vancouver.ite like me may i suggest the gift shop at the VAG for great little gift ideas like printed shopping bags, fridge magnets and fabulous gift cards. happy shopping everyone!


Robin said...

just brilliant, the green with the cream cloth bag and the deep black with a simple innocent squirrel look depicting nature is just awesome!

I get a peaceful, loving and creative vibe with this...I like

pretty little things said...

its not a squirrel its a bunny! LOL

jawcey said...

Funnnn! I'm excited to see what's going to be in my stocking...:)