Saturday, December 13, 2008

l e g o . m y . i n g o

designed by frans nieuwenborg for ingo maurer, delight is simply delightful! a soft romantic glow perfect for the bedroom. wall mounted with glass infused heat resistant fabric it simply drapes off a hook softly hiding the bulb inside. i decided to purchase one today as my bedside lamp since i wanted something super soft that gave just enough glow to flip through a design mag and drift off to sleep. this light is as much an art piece as it is a functioning light and if you ask me everyone should own a little piece of ingo mauer.


jawcey said...

Well, well,'re just loading up on all kinds of fancy interior goodies. Can't wait to see it all in a week!

pretty little things said...

haha... well i got it home and didnt like it so i took it back to work. ill get something else.