Thursday, July 24, 2008

l i t t l e . r e n o

before pictures of bathroom reno

its been a while since i did any personal decorating or renovations so i thought i would give my bathroom a little face lift. the changes are simple. the space is very neutral with cream walls, white toilet and sink, simple mirror and orange based ceramic tile and wood vanity. the first step in changing a wall color is to look at what existing colors will be staying in the space. in this case its the wood cabinet and the tile floor both with an orange base. the compliment color to orange is green so choosing a new paint color will fall somewhere in the green family. choosing the right green can either be done by finding an accessory and matching it or simple choosing a shade that you like and matching your accessories to the chosen color. i decided to shop for a shower curtain that worked with the space and color matched the wall color to one of the designs in the curtain.

the bathroom is in great shape and doesn't need any major work however the window frames are old and dark brown so an easy way of making them look new again without replacing them is to paint out the metal frames with white spray paint. above the window sits an unused curtain rod which i will remove since curtains are not needed.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

m y . s t y l e

so i decided to start a design blog mostly because i come across so many sites and stores that i love and i need a place to store all of that information. this blog will mostly be full of everything i like, dislike, are currently working on and plan on checking out. the other day i came across Redmond Aldrich Design and its a rare thing to stumble across a designer who creates spaces that you would simply live in and not change a thing. Chleo Redmond Warner creates that type of space for me.

"Chloe Warner is a graduate of the architecture program at Harvard University's Graduate School of Design. Her stylish mother and grandmothers instilled a belief that interiors matter, and the worst kind of taste is no taste at all. Exposed from a young age to rooms designed by Sister Parish and Albert Hadley, Chloe finds inspiration in the colors and comfort of classic design, and enjoys updating this aesthetic to suit modern individuals and families. She is also an editor for Lucky Magazine."